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The groundbreaking startup incubator for creating equal partnerships between Arab and Jewish co-founders.

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50:50's 2022 Demo Day

Our Mission

50:50 Startups is built on the idea that only on-the-ground collaboration can create a stable peace. Despite the Middle East’s huge potential, the region remains mired in unresolved conflict and political instability. Our aim is to change this. 


By creating a new generation of cross-border startups, co-owned by Palestinians and Israelis, we have created successful 50:50 Startups as beacons of peaceful and productive cooperation.

Our Supporters & Partners


Michael A. Glaros
Principal Program Manager

Microsoft Cloud for Industry AI. Microsoft, Inc.

“It is an honor to help support 5050 Startups in its quest to connect the Israeli and Palestinian startup communities and contribute to the creation of shared value by strengthening business acumen and enhancing technical capacity.”

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