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The groundbreaking startup incubator for creating equal partnerships between Arab and Jewish co-founders.

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Our Mission

50:50 Startups is built on the idea that only on-the-ground collaboration can create a stable peace. Despite the Middle East’s huge potential, the region remains mired in unresolved conflict and political instability. Our aim is to change this. 


By creating a new generation of cross-border startups, co-owned by Palestinians and Israelis, we have created successful 50:50 Startups as beacons of peaceful and productive cooperation.

Our Supporters & Partners

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Jean-Daniel Ruch
Ambassador of Switzerland to Israel


“Supporting 50:50 Startups was an easy decision for us as it promotes values and priorities we believe in, including equality and innovation. We hope these would contribute to a meaningful, just, and lasting collaboration and peace between Israelis and Palestinians."

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