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Since its inception, 50:50 Startups' inaugural classes have created a diverse range of startups. From travel tech to ed-tech, our startups are challenging some of the biggest markets in the world and using the diversity of their founders to create cutting-edge businesses. A few examples from our first two cohorts are

 listed below.

2021-2022 Cohort

My Family is an app and platform that aims to connect family members in one application so they are able to manage and organize all service providers and aspects of their lives. 

All your Family’s Service Providers are One Click Away

Jafar Mahfouz

My Family 
My family.jpg
Abe's Events

Abe's events- solve the problem of overspending because we stick to a budget and we solve the problem of the headache of running around because we connect them to the service providers they need.

Ibrahim Handal & Ibrahim Tomizeh

The Garden Of Books

The library is an advanced process in the field of the provided technical and professional services to the public and employees.
Our library contributes to the students and the online workers with various projects that encourage individuals and groups, attracting them to participate and enjoy their comfortable moments, as it suits different interests, such as study, work or reading

Jwan Salman & Aya Alawi

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-25 at 3.57.05 PM.jpeg

Introduction: Empowering individuals to receive quicker service to get their car fixed by create a market place to improve the way Insurance companies manage car repair that allow the seller and the buyer to trade the car equipment online and close the deal on the internet.

Mousa Mousa 


We provide telehealth services and digital marketing services for health providers. With health problems and chronic diseases and mental health issues, Our vision is to spread awareness of health among the world's communities. Into a healthier, cleaner, and greener planet. 

Jo Aqra & Laith Aqra


2020-2021 Cohort


Our turnkey crypto inheritance solution provides for all your crypto inheritance needs, from our platform and secure seed phrase storage to classic crypto inheritance services and tailored services. 
Secure a crypto legacy without compromising crypto values. 

Our goal at Q-Fi is to enable secure and easy crypto wealth transfer for everyone. In-line with the core values of crypto by democratizing wealth and taking full control of our assets. Learn more at 

Shai Beneli & Mohammad Dwaikat & Aaron Bortz


Journey is building a social experience app helping people adopt and maintain wellness goals, together. Journey will be the health app user’s integrated platform where all wellness goals are adopted and maintained through community.

Rebecca Cohen & Micha Stettin 


FoodChain is a cross-platform app that connects businesses with surplus food and charities that can distribute that food to people in need, at the click of a button. Our AI-driven evaluation algorithm quantifies the value of food donations, turning them from a cost into a positive cash flow item through tax credits. Our ultimate goal is to turn food donations into a seamless, effortless, and mutually beneficial process. 

Joe Aweidah & Ditsa Keren 


LINDS developed an innersole that can avoid hospitalization and those cumbersome treatment options by doing the same work of a vacuum pump under the foot sole. We offer our developments and technology under a free/ open licensing model at no cost with a business model behind.

Julian Daich  & Maryiam Safuddin 


Sportii provides smart lockers containing sport equipment such as Frisbee, Volleyball, and Weights at key locations such as beaches and parks. The lockers can be located and unlocked using Sportii's app, and everyone from casual beach-goers to fitness enthusiasts can affordably and conveniently rent quality equipment for exactly as long as they need it.

Guy Bezalel 

Olive Branch Pictures

Olive Branch Pictures is a representational, ideologically balanced comics & animation studio for conflict mediation and edutainment, counteracting bias in Israeli-Palestinian media and education.

Andy Hirsch & Khaled 

2019-2020 Cohort


Avodeem is a new platform for laborers to find work. To start, they are focusing on workers crossing from the West Bank at Qalandia, who face impossibly long queues, bureaucracy, and job uncertainty on arrival. The new platform will facilitate and provide access to workers - starting mainly with Palestinian craftsmen - arriving in Israel by connecting them with Israeli employers who need labor.

Qusai & Tariq & Fehmi 


BlockIt is an educational toy that makes learning more fun by turning the digital world into something you can touch, feel and play with.

Gal & Sally & Kareem & Nicola 


is a platform that provides visa requirements and E-Visas issuance for every type of traveler around the globe. Through cutting edge technology, travelers will be able to easily apply for visa, avoiding burdensome and repetitive processes.

Elianne & Mohammad


Babelblog is an online community where the different sides of conflict zones can connect to each other and communicate freely without linguistic barriers. User-generated content is translated using existing language software and crowd-sourced community edits. When language barriers are broken down, Babelblog believes other walls can come down too. Sivan and Mezher are starting their pilot in the West Bank, Gaza, and Southern Israel, with posts in Hebrew and Arabic.


Sivan & Mezher

Get Involved.png
Get Involved

Get Involved is an innovative way to support charitable causes beyond only money. It integrates into social media, as well as hosting its content, and provides users with diverse options of contributing the community, such as volunteering, donating, supplying equipment, and more.

Omri & Ivan 

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