Our Startups

50:50 Startups' inaugural class has created a diverse range of startups. From visas to toys, our startups are challenging some of the biggest markets in the world, and using the diversity of their founders to create commercially cutting-edge businesses. A few examples are listed below!

Avodeem is a new platform for laborers to find work. To start, they are focusing on workers crossing from the West Bank at Qalandia, who face impossibly long queues, byzantine bureaucracy, and job uncertainty on arrival. The new platform will facilitate and provide access to workers - starting mainly with Palestinian craftsmen - arriving in Israel by connecting them with Israeli employers who need labor.

Qusai (26) Palestinian

Tariq (23) Palestinian

Fehmi (21) Israeli

BlockIt is an educational toy that makes learning more fun by turning the digital world into something you can touch, feel and play with.

Gal (38) Israeli-Jewish

Sally Arab-Israeli

Kareem (25) Jordanian-Israeli

Nicola (28) Arab-Israeli

Get Involved is an innovative way to support charitable causes beyond only money. Get Involved integrates into social media, as well as hosting its content, and allows users diverse options of giving like volunteering, donating, supplying equipment, and more.

Omri (21) Jewish-Israeli

Ivan (20) Arab-Israeli

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