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Since its inception, 50:50 Startups' inaugural classes have created a diverse range of startups. From travel tech to ed-tech, our startups are challenging some of the biggest markets in the world and using the diversity of their founders to create cutting-edge businesses. A few examples from our first two cohorts are

 listed below.

2022-2023 Cohort


CarzBase revolutionizes OOH advertising by transforming vehicles into mobile digital/virtual AI-powered outdoor billboards. 

Mohammad kabajah, Mohammed Nawahda, Natalia Chicu


VLINDER is an AI-powered platform that connects tech job seekers with tech companies, lowering hiring expenses, increasing employee retention, and creating uniform developer recognition.

Salah Hussein, Nicolas Duek, Qusai Tamer 


TotalGrid introduces a novel bottom-up approach to proactively stabilize the green power supply before its integration into the grid

Mohammad El-Khatib, Paz Katz, Maher Rayyan 


Maiman revolutionizes the field of green hydrogen production by introducing a renewable biological source

Tamar Elman, Jade Marcus


Swift-Align proposes a revolutionary solution to significantly improve both the short- and long-term results of orthodontic treatments.

Orel Cohen, Noor Freg, Eiron Schwartz

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-20 at 7.52.58 PM - Copy.jpeg

Jeeran employs AI-powered algorithms to intelligently seek and connect like-minded individuals and groups, with a focus on face-to-face interactions and relevant events nearb

Kassim Bashir, Khalil Banat, Inbar Horesh

Our Dragon.jpg

OurDragon is a stimulating interactive mobile game targeting the younger generation all over the world, designed to bridge communication gaps and dispel inherited prejudices

Salman Awaisa, Iftah Akram, Omar Obaisi

xALS Logo_18_09.png

xALS is a biotechnological venture developing a groundbreaking treatment for ALS. Following extensive academic research and clinical


work the xALS team recently detected a pivotal early ALS pathology

Ariel Ionescu, Mai Anabosi


ABC3D's state-of the-art Surgical Simulation Software aims to revolutionize plastic surgery by bridging the gap between surgical planning and outcomes.

Ido Shapira, Alaa Masarwa, Lydia sokolovski, Mai Ohana

2021-2022 Cohort

My family.jpg

My Family is an app and platform that connects family members in one app to manage and organize all service providers and areas of their lives.

All of your family's service providers are just a mouse click away.

Jafar Mahfouz


Abe's events handle the problem of overspending by sticking to a budget and the stress of running around by connecting them to the service providers they require.

Ibrahim Handal & Ibrahim Tomizeh

2019-2020 Cohort


Q-Fi- platform and secure seed phrase storage to classic crypto inheritance services and bespoke services, our turnkey crypto inheritance solution meets all of your crypto inheritance demands.
Protect a crypto heritage without jeopardizing crypto values.

Shai Beneli & Mohammad Dwaikat & Aaron Bortz

Olive Branch Pictures, Inc. Logo.png

Olive Branch Pictures is a representational, ideologically balanced comics and animation company dedicated to conflict mediation and edutainment, with the goal of countering prejudice in Isr -Pal media and education.

Andy Hirsch & Khaled 


Sportii provides smart lockers with sporting equipment in strategic locations such as beaches and parks. Sportii's application can be used to locate and unlock lockers, allowing everyone from casual beachgoers to fitness enthusiasts to rent high-quality equipment for as long as they need it.

Guy Bezalel 


LINDS designed an innersole that can save hospitalization and other time-consuming treatment approaches by performing the same function as a vacuum pump under the foot sole. We provide our innovations and technologies under a free/open licensing model with a commercial plan.

Julian Daich  & Maryiam Safuddin 

_Journey .PNG

Journey is creating a social experience app to help people adopt and sustain wellness goals. Journey will be the all-encompassing platform for health app users, where all wellness goals will be accepted and maintained through community.

Rebecca Cohen & Micha Stettin 

2019-2020 Cohort


Fluxir is a platform that offers visa requirements and E-Visas for all types of travelers worldwide. Travelers will be able to effortlessly apply for visas using cutting-edge technology, reducing time-consuming and repeated processes.

Elianne & Mohammad

Get Involved.png

Get Involved is an innovative way to contribute to charity causes that goes beyond monetary donations. It interacts with social networking while also hosting its content and offers users a variety of ways to contribute to the community, such as volunteering, giving, supplying equipment, and more.

Omri & Ivan 


Babelblog is an online forum where people from various war zones may freely engage and talk without regard for linguistic borders. Babelblog believes that when language barriers are broken down, other barriers may be broken down as well.

Sivan & Mezher


Avodeem is a new job-search service for workers. The new platform will make it easier and more accessible for workers heading to Israel, particularly Palestinian artisans, by connecting them with Israeli enterprises in need of labor.

Qusai & Tariq & Fehmi 

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