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We are proud to include a network of esteemed partners and  friends of the program



Program Co-Directors


Is an experienced director with over 15 years of experience in building consensus, bringing people together, and working with governmental and Non-governmental organizations. Her experience is in economic development & entrepreneurship, public policy, diplomacy, and environmental services. She holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University and an MA in Environmental Studies. 


Has a background in entrepreneurship, leadership, and fundraising for the non-profit industry. She holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and is passionate about bridging the gap between conflicted communities and creating innovative solutions for transcultural dialogue. Before joining 50:50 Startups, she was the CEO of an educational startup for immigrants in Tel-Aviv.

Our program is run by two representative Co-Directors:  One is Israeli, based in Tel-Aviv, and one is Palestinian, based in East Jerusalem.

Board of Directors

At 50:50 Startups, we believe that Arabs and Jews should be equal partners, which is why our Board is composed of Palestinians and Israelis, as well as international experts from across the world. Their experiences include corporate management, academia and investing, representing CEOs, professors and key plays in the global tech startup ecosystem. 

BasharCo-Chairman of the board

Leading entrepreneur in Palestine. He is a prominent co-founder, owner, and chairman of multiple businesses operating throughout the West Bank and the Middle East.

Eran | Co-Chairman of the board

Founder and chairman of Ericom Software, a leader in cybersecurity and virtualization, with clients including Fortune 100 companies. Eran brings more than 20 years of technical and business experience in the software industry in the US, Israel, and APAC.​


Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University, Boston, and VU Amsterdam. Amir specializes in marketing for the greater good (e.g., health communication, sustainability, non-for-profits), the marketing of startups, and country branding.


Served as Head of the Har HaNegev Environmental Unit. Alit is also a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School, holding her PhD in environmental studies.


Economist and strategist with wide experience in financial services and technology. Ely worked for many years within Morgan Stanley's senior management and has a background in international capital markets. He also has worked raising capital and advising on strategy for startups, particularly in the renewable energy space.


Businessman and entrepreneur, and the founder of Babcom Centers, which employs ~2500 employees, of which 70% are from the Arab sector. Over 25 years Imad has served across different management positions of Delta Galil and as a CEO.


Startup Angel investor, having previous held senior HR and operations positions at Intel, Comverse, and Veolia Environment, overseeing their activities in Israel Europe and Asia. Inbal is also a founder of a dynamic medical device startup.


Vice President of Marketing & Investor Community at OurCrowd, a leading global venture investing platform and VC with branches across the world. Liz has worked with dozens of startups and companies both in Israel and abroad, consulting brands at the pre-funding stage as well as established revenue-generating companies.


Entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and the author of several successful books. Mahmoud has more than 20 years of experience in strategy, business development, and as a CEO.


Professor of Marketing & Organizational Development at ICD (Paris) and a visiting professor at Birzeit University. Ruud has extensive senior-level international Fortune-100 business management experience as well as essential people development expertise.


Corporate Vice President of one of Microsoft's largest divisions, Azure Storage Media and Edge.  Tad is a 21-year veteran of Microsoft and has been in leadership roles in the Microsoft Azure team since 2011.


Co-founder of multiple social and technological initiatives supporting the West Bank and Gazan entrepreneurship ecosystems. Zaher brings to 50:50 more than a decade of experience and expertise in the management of both non-profit and private entities.