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The 50:50 Startups Challenge

On December 19, 2020, 50:50 Startups held the 50:50 Challenge—a double-match fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $50,000. A double-match campaign means that all donations made in the challenge will be doubled. Some of our featured matchers included Microsoft and Google (Cambridge and Israel).

We are thrilled to announce that after combining both offline and online donations, we successfully exceeded our goal, having raised a total of $51,163! The donations will go a long way towards funding equal partnerships between Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs and Jews to develop startups.

How will your donation be used?

Your donation funds our hands-on, high-impact mentorship program where:

  • Participating founders are selected and grouped into teams through a 4-step application process before embarking on the 8-month tech accelerator program.

  • Weekly entrepreneurship sessions are held in Jerusalem at Azrieli College for Engineering.

  • Meet-ups and team-building events enable cohort bonding, connection and sharing of ideas.

  • Each team of startup founders is assigned a mentor - an industry professional with a tech industry or VC background.

  • Top teams enroll in a summer entrepreneurship program at Northeastern University in Boston, with expenses paid by the generous contribution of 50:50 Startups supporters.

  • Startup teams have the opportunity to further develop their project through our partnering acceleration programs and investors.

The remarkable turnout for the 50:50 Challenge serves as a testament to the strength of the community and beyond in their belief of the mission and goal of establishing equitable partnerships between Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs and Jews. In particular, it is a hopeful development for the economic ties to be made for actors of diverse backgrounds in the region. 50:50 Startups believes in the power of entrepreneurship and, more fundamentally, in bringing people together from different origins and communities to realize their passions for the pursuit of business venture and, as a result, peace. We hope to see continued growth in the support for our organization!


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