• Salina KUO

Interning at 50:50 Startups Part 1: The Website Specialist

As part of the Embodying Peace Fellowship program that I joined in early September, Fellows are paired to intern with an organization that works to advance peace in the Israeli-Palestinian region. I was paired with the tech-oriented organization 50:50 Startups.

I have been an intern at 50:50 startups for nearly 3 months and I must say, it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I've had the opportunity to work with the program co-directors, Batsheva, and Dana, as well as the social media coordinator Vanessa. I am impressed by the patience and professionalism of the team and find it extremely easy to coordinate with them on my assignments.

As the Website Specialist, I was tasked with updating the design and content of the website. I was given considerable freedom in terms of planning and executing the new design plan, and with this freedom, I decided to incorporate a strong presence of 50:50's signature color onto the website: tiffany blue/teal. This strategy was carried out across all pages of the website. Likewise, in line with the enhanced visual presence of the brand, I also decided to include more images, graphics, and visual aids. Visual elements - in general - are particularly attractive to online users, and it would energize the overall tone of the organization website.

I've also had the opportunity to work on cross-department projects with my two fellow interns from the peace-building program: Avalon and Frankie. Frankie is the Alumni Coordinator Intern, and I am currently working on developing an "Alumni Portal" that would require Frankie's contacts with some of the alumni.

While I have been able to work with a range of different [web-related] projects and meet a variety of people in the organization, I feel that more exciting developments have yet to come. I am thrilled to continue working with 50:50 Startups in the next few months!

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